Dean speaks on student life, how it effects more than one would think

It takes a special kind of person to be able to work with students, let alone new and recurring college students.

For over 25 years David Legg, the Vice President for Student Services and the dean of Students for online and the Tennessee campus of Johnson University, has been working with students in and out of the dorms.

Originally a graduate of Purdue University, Legg has an undergraduate degree in Agriculture with specific specialization in Agricultural Economics and a secondary specialization in Agricultural Business.

Legg worked on a farm with his family before coming to Johnson in 1988 as an undergraduate student.

“The academic dean at the time had visited my home Church,” said Legg. “He told me that he needed more professors of Bible and that he would like for me to come to Johnson so that I could begin preparation for teaching here.”

While studying for a bachelor’s degree to become a professor of New Testament, Legg was recruited to be in the master of arts New Testament program. During the duration of the program he was then recruited by Dr. Eubanks to be in the Student Life program.

“I’ve spent 25 years interacting with students,” he said. “I’ve devoted the major portion of my adult life to working with and interacting with students.”

The department of Student Life encompasses a vast majority of campus life and affects every student.

Student Life involves housing both traditional and non-traditional, providing housing in a variety of different ways such as the dorms or even apartments.

The wellness and health of students are also concerns of the department. Programs such as the Biggest Winner have been put into effect to encourage students to take interest in keeping fit. Legg said, the department is working towards a holistic approach and lifestyle. The department is also in charge of athletics, both intercollegiate and intramural.

The Career Services office and the post office also fall under Student Life; however, the Academic Support Center does not.

“At most colleges and universities the academic support services is a student life function,” said Legg. “At Johnson it is part of the academic unit and falls under the Provost.”

The Student Government Association is also categorized under the department. The office of the SGA was purposefully placed right outside the Student Life office as Legg said he wanted their voice heard.

“I listen to what they say, and they are also a voice for the administration to the students too.”

The president of SGA and the cabinet are directly involved within the Student Life department. “I could go on and on about SGA.” Legg said. “I’m really proud of what SGA is doing here.”

The Student Government Association is empowered by the department to host not only social events but spiritual ones as well such as the student revival that will take place in March.

“I wouldn’t have done it this long if I didn’t,” Legg said. “It’s very tiring, there’s an awful lot of things that happen in the student life office.”

The commuter students and services also are another thing to cross the desks of Student Life administrators, as well as parent relations.

“We do the best we can I think with the resources we have available and I say that non apologetically,” he said. “I think we do a pretty good job.”

The department hopes to expand awareness of new services that are coming into play soon, such as the career fair hosted by the Career Services Office.