Coach Fair sees baseball as ministry

Ben Fair, head baseball coach at Johnson University for five years, sees baseball as more than just competition.

Fair, a preacher’s son from Trafalgar, Ind., spent nine years in the landscaping business before pursuing a missions degree at Johnson University. Fair spent three years playing baseball there, where he led the team in batting average, RBIs and on-base percentage his final year playing.

After graduating, he spent a year on the mission field before coming back to Johnson to serve as grounds supervisor and head baseball coach.

“I’m kind of one of those guys that, I don’t feel that God called me to do one specific thing,” said Fair. “I believe, in my life, that wherever I go, whatever I do, God called me to honor him.”

Fair honors God through baseball by holding his players to high standards spiritually, academically and athletically. He believes his team can maintain Christian character while remaining highly competitive.

“I just kind of try to find a nice delicate balance between the two,” said Fair. “You know, to be competitive, but also to play the game the right way… and do it the way it should be.”

Fair sees himself ministering to his players who in turn witness to others as a team.

“You know, we kind of minister to schools that we play against, because a lot of times, we don’t play Christian schools,” said Fair.

While Fair puts emphasis on the ministry aspect of baseball, he also looks with optimism at his team’s potential to excel on the field.

“We’ve gotten on track to be a successful program, to win conference, to have a good winning record overall in the season and to make some headway in the region tournament at the end of the year,” said Fair.

Fair hopes to utilize the talent on the team this year to have a successful season.