First career fair for Johnson University campus

Johnson University’s Tennessee campus held its first career fair on Jan. 23, in an attempt to help the students connect with 31 local and abroad organizations.

These organizations ranged from simple non-profit summer camps to other university’s graduate school programs and churches. Even a mortgage company was present at the event.

The Russell Preaching Center housed the church booths, while the PW Gymnasium held the non-profits and other miscellaneous organizations not necessarily tied to the school’s religious affiliation.

In the long joining hall between the two major rooms, universities were able to show off their various programs. Among them were Lincoln Christian University, Asbury Seminary, Milligan College and  the University of Tennessee.

The fair was arranged by the Department of Student Life and Career Services Center in an attempt to engage students and aid them in their search for jobs after college. Both the offices show interest in the lives of their students.

Kara Smith, Senior in the counseling program, attended the career fair to see what it had to offer.

“Between getting jobs, and being an intern or a temporary job there was a great variety,” said Kara Smith.

Smith expressed her concern that the Career Fair had no booth present that dealt specifically with her interests.

“I didn’t really think there were enough people there,” Smith said. “They could improve by having more counseling and other majors outside of the Bible majors.”

Along with the lack of counseling related organizations, Smith also noted that the time in which the event took place made it somewhat difficult to attend.

“The time slot for the career fair was a little bit constricting considering there was class all day and it ended at two,” said Smith.

The time for which the fair took place was among the several items in which Smith believed that the university should try and improve in the future. This was the first attempt, and it still led to a handful of students getting hired.

The Career Services Center plans on hosting another event within the next year. They want to build, improve and expand upon the foundation they have created. They hope to include more organizations outside the realm of Biblical Studies as well.

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