O’Brien and Council of Seventy continue search for master plan

Kevin O’Brien, director of Alumni and Public Relations, admits that there is no set plan to get the younger alumni involved.

There have been many attempts, but no tangible changes. With the numbers of interaction dropping, Johnson University shifts focus to reaching the younger generation. O’Brien hopes to resolve this issue with the Council of Seventy over the next few meetings.

Just last week, when giving information for a feature story, O’Brien said he wished to see the younger alumni involved with Johnson University.

“Many people don’t realize this,” O’Brien said, “But if someone finishes only one semester at Johnson then they are considered to be an alumni. I want them to be recognized more and for them to be more involved with the school itself.”

The course of action for getting the alumni more involved has yet to emerge.

“I honestly do not have a plan right now,” says O’Brien, “That’s why we need a full time Alumni Director because this is such an important task, but it only gets about 20-30 percent of my attention.”

In the past there have been attempts to begin a system where the younger alumni could be more involved, but they lacked follow through.

“I used to get a group of five seniors together,” explains O’Brien, “They were able to put in place a skeleton of a plan, but after they all graduated the plan just faded away.”

O’Brien also spoke to the Council of Seventy about this issue. They mentioned putting into place a mentoring system that would aid younger alumni in the preaching ministry, but the idea did not have much traction.

“I plan to bring this issue to light again,” says O’Brien, “But until we can all agree on something–nothing can be done to help the younger ones get involved.”

Without the help of  younger generations, Johnson University will not thrive the way it does now. Over 50 percent of Johnson’s alumni have come to the school since the year 2003, yet over 50 percent of the alumni involved with the school are over 50 years old.

The Council of Seventy will meet again during Homecoming in February to discuss the rising issue and hopefully lay it to rest.