Engaging creative side of college life

Johnson University’s Student Government Association designed a group called the Creative Arts council last semester to promote the arts on campus.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a large body of students on the campus in charge of communicating between faculty and student alike.

The Association also plans campus events for the student body, as well as being a representation of the students for various committees with over seventy members.

The Creative Arts Council is under the umbrella of The Student Government Association with the Association itself being composed of six different committees.

“One of those committees is the Major Events Committee,” said Matt Shears, President of SGA. “And underneath the Major Events Committee we created this council, the Creative Arts Council, to promote the arts on campus.”

Shears along with the members of SGA created the council to give the students who have talent in the arts an outlet for what they can do.

“They are really working to emphasize and expand the artistic reach of students on campus,” said Shears.

The Council is composed of both SGA members along with non-members and is open to any who have an interest in the council.

“Right now we’re looking at art through theater, through writing, through actual visual art and all the different avenues,” said Brye Welty, a junior and member of both the council and SGA.

The Creative Arts Council has many ideas already in the works for the student body to participate with in the upcoming year.

“We are trying to put a literary magazine into place for people who are interested in writing,” said Welty. “Or even people who are good at drawing comics or something like that, it might be something they could submit”

The literary magazine is planned to be hosted once a month when it is established. Among the magazine, the Creative Arts Council also plans on hosting more theatrical events, and even a night where student artists could showcase their work in both digital and traditional mediums.

For more information about involvement and what the Creative Arts Council does, contact Tammie Weatherly  at tweatherly@johnsonu.edu or Jared Randal at Jared.Randall@johnsonu.edu.