Taking a lead; Future of IJM

The International Justice Mission (IJM) at Johnson University is a group of students dedicated and passionate about the growing issue of human trafficking.

Joshua Carpenter, a junior majoring in English Literature, prepares to take the leadership position of the group in the coming school year.

“I joined because I looked at the list of chapel groups and that was the one that jumped out at me,” Carpenter said. “It talked about justice in the world and fighting for God’s people”.

Carpenter recently switched majors this year and during the process discovered that he wanted to do more with his life than just write.

“It’s not just a chapel group it’s fighting for the justice people in this world that deserve better,” said Carpenter. “They deserve to be who God created them to be and not to be oppressed and taken down.”

Carpenter has already begun thinking of new ideas to engage the community in what the International Justice Mission does on campus and worldwide.

“I would try to get more people involved that’s for sure” he said “I feel like I would need to get them more fired up as to why we are doing this, why we have this chapel group.”

Some of the ideas include reaching out to the men of the campus, broadening the audience of the group that was predominantly run by women.  Another possible change would be teaming up with the group called Harvesters on occasion.

Carpenter said he planned on still bringing in new and returning local speakers as well as showing support for missions such as Rapha House and Black Box.

“I think that having a new set of freshmen come in next year will be good to be able to get some new faces and sort of tell them what we are about,” He said.

For now the group will continue to meet as a club until the end of the semester with meetings being held every other Thursday at dinner. The meeting is designed to open up doors to all students interested to discuss future plans for IJM both this semester and the coming year and begin building itself up again.

For more information concerning IJM, contact Alexis Lewis at Alexis.Lewis@johnsonu.edu, Maggie Knors at Margaret.Knors@johnsonu.edu or Joshua Carpenter at Josh.Carpenter@johnsonu.edu.

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