Franklin Christian Church lead minister speaks at Johnson University chapel

Johnson University students were reminded Thursday of the importance of not thinking like a Pharisee.

Guest speaker Zack Stewart, lead minister at Franklin Christian Church, located just outside Nashville, delivered a gripping message. It was based on Luke 5 and the story of the paralytic man lowered through the roof to the feet of Jesus.

He particularly focused on the Pharisees that were present in the narrative and their role in the events that played out.

The main idea of the message was that each Christian can often act like a Pharisee. Stewart then outlined the characteristics of a Pharisee compared to the characteristics we as Christians should embody.

“I enjoyed it,” Matthew Snyder, a JU freshman, said. “He made a good point that in a way we can all have a little bit of Pharisee in us.”

While many preachers speak on Luke 5 and the paralytic, Stewart approached it from a distinctively different viewpoint than most.

“He had a really different perspective about a scripture than what I have heard a lot of times before,” said Josiah Roberts, a JU student.

According to the Franklin Christian Churches website, Stewart has been at the church since June 2011, where he ministers to a congregation of approximately 1,000 members.

Jon Spears and an accompanying band of students kicked the service off by setting the tone of the service through worship.

“I felt like it was actually leading worship and not a show,” said Zac Hulsey, a JU student.

Following the opening song was a recitation of a set of scriptures that led into message, spoken by Evan Duriga and Arjay Donaldson.

The chapel ended with more worship and a time of prayer for the spread of the gospel in southern Africa and for the missionaries already working there.