International Justice Mission to take on club status for spring semester

Johnson University’s International Justice Mission chapel group has decided to reform into a club for the semester after the loss of a faculty sponsor.

IJM is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking and uses various tactics in an attempt to put a stop to the trade.

The chapel group was mainly comprised of students with a passion for raising awareness on human trafficking both locally, on campus and worldwide.

The group lost their faculty sponsor after the individual asked to take a sabbatical for the semester.

“We had to think of a different option or completely just get rid of it for the semester and start it up again in the fall,” said Alexis Lewis, president of the International Justice Mission chapter at Johnson University.

Lewis said that she plans on hosting smaller events than the chapel initially would have held, and still encourages students to get involved. One event in particular is going to take place this coming April and involves all IJM chapters across the country.

“The main organization is basically trying to get all their chapters at different colleges to advocate for IJM and get the students at their school to sign a petition that they are going to send to President Obama,” Lewis said. “They hope to have him make more of a budget for this issue both in our country and internationally.”

Lewis plans on having various speakers still attend the meetings as well as having the group hold discussions to possibly build up the club for the coming school year.

The ideal situation for the upcoming semester is to have the chapel reestablished and still let the group hold its club status.

“Wouldn’t it be great if other students could be in IJM other than just this chapel>” said Maggie Knors, vice president of the IJM Johnson chapter. “It’s kind of like a blessing in disguise that it (IJM chapel) was able to take a different form.”

The club plans on meeting every other Thursday during the dinner hour for the convenience of the students who are already a part of the club or want to become more involved.

For more information on the upcoming changes to IJM, contact or