Johnson professor’s home renovation continues

Plant Services’ Construction branch is continuing necessary renovations on professor Jody Owen’s home, located on campus.

Four months ago extensive moisture and termite damage was found in the home.

“We had to decide to tear it down or try and work with what we had,” said project supervisor Joe Kelley. “The Trustees decided to work with what we had.”

Despite the Trustees’ decision, Kelley still describes the project as “rebuilding” the home.

“We’ve completely gutted that house, it was down to just the exterior studded walls and the roof,” he said.

The project has been long in the works.

“It’s time consuming,” Kelley said. “We are getting everything back solid, in good shape, and proceeding on.”

The project is indeed progressing. They expect to soon have the interior walls up and the plumbing and electrical work is soon to follow.

Not everything about the house will be the same.

“Some changes have been made to the floor plan since we have the place gutted,” Kelley said.