Johnson University Intramurals has announced schedule for upcoming basketball season

The draft will be Monday at 5:30 p.m. in the Gally Commons Private Dining Rooms.

The overall purpose for intramurals, stated by President of Intramurals, Dylan Underhill, “Is to accomplish exercise for people while also providing an outlet to get aggression out.”

Intramurals has grown substantially with the number of people that have joined, with 35 already signed up.

“We hope to have a competitive environment with former Johnson University players and also former high school players,” Underhill said.

Despite the best efforts from the players, the competition has led a few players into fights.

In previous seasons, there has been trouble with continuous verbal assaults that which resulted in a failed season. This season the organization is hoping to overcome these conflicts and deal with them.

“We want to have a community of brothers that fellowship together that brings unexpected people together; so that they can have a healthy outlook to let people play in a positive environment,” Underhill said.