JU students celebrate school spirit

For the past week, Johnson University students had an opportunity to show their school spirit by dressing according the theme for each day.

Themes included “Space Jam”, twins, animals and kids and Royal pride day.

University students across the country have different ways of showing school spirit. At Johnson University, students dressed like animals, kids and paid tribute to the Looney Tunes classic, “Space Jam” during spirit week.

The week of Jan. 26-30, on the JUTN campus, was one that might be a bit confusing to anyone who happened to wander onto campus.

A few students were dressed as anything from children to “Space Jam” characters, depending on the day’s theme.

This activity was a way for students to let loose and show their creativity in the name of school spirit.

“Kid day is probably my favorite day because it is an opportunity to be a kid again, both by dressing like one and acting like one,” Jordyn Pearson, a JU sophomore said.

Some students see spirit week as an opportunity to break the daily norm.

“Honestly I enjoy spirit week because it is a change from our regular day-to-day lives and lets us all have fun together,” Laurel Gregory, a JU sophomore said.

Some students find spirit week as a way to build up the JU community.

“I participate in spirit week because it adds some excitement, and we are able to just have fun, be a part of the JU community, be out of the ordinary, and just embrace our silliness,” Chloe Martin, a JU sophomore said.

Other students participate just because they enjoy it.

“I enjoy spirit week because it is a fun activity to show off your school spirit,” Emily Hughes, a JU sophomore said.

The point behind spirit week was for the students to unite and use that commonality they all have.

However, few students have actually come together as a community and just have fun for one-week out of the year just to show their school spirit.

This could possibly be because the students just are not interested in doing activities like this any more because they seem childish.