Rollins speaks on expansion of Non-Profit program

Garry M. Rollins, lead professor of the Non-Profit program, joined Johnson University’s faculty in 2009. Rollins was instrumental in the expansion of the Non-Profit program, which grew into the School of Business. Now, Rollins advises 71 students for the program.

Rollins finished his graduate school in Texas. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota. His next step was to teach in Mississippi as a business professor before he joined JU.

“I was not searching for a new position. I was enjoying what I was doing in Mississippi,” Rollins said. “But I got a phone call from Gary Weedman (President of Johnson University) about the university wanting to find someone, who loved ministry (which I did) and also loved business.”

Rollins said that business is used in many different ways in God’s kingdom.

Rollins said he sees his purpose in teaching his students to manage their future organizations in God’s will. Rollins said that most of the JU students would be going into some kind of business, church or school which will function as an organization.

Rollins also shared an alternative position in that non-profit organizations should not chase grants, but rather generate their own income.

“Good business is a good business,” Rollins said. “It is okay for non-profits to make profits.”

Rollins said that JU is a well-run non-profit organization, because it stands on entrepreneurial principles.

“We have a high percentage of students that we find jobs on campus through TA’s, Grounds and Pioneer,” Rollins said. “This idea initially starting as a school running a diary farm is very much within today’s picture.”