School of Social and Behavioral Sciences adding associate’s of science degree

The School of Social & Behavioral Sciences will be adding an associate’s of science degree in the near future, which will allow incoming students to graduate with an associate’s degree in two years.

Jody Miller, office manager of the SSBS, said that the program should be launched sometime next year.

Johnson University accepts the Tennessee Promise. This partnership is the main factor that initiated the establishment of the new associate’s degree.

Tennessee Promise scholarship will cover a student’s tuition during the whole course of the associate’s degree.

This degree will provide vocational skills to students in the future.

“With that (an associate’s) they will be able to leave with the degree in human services and that should give basis to go into the workforce,” Miller said. “This associate’s degree will give them both some educational and experiential skills, that should help them in obtaining jobs out in the marketplace.”

Miller says that there is a possibility that after getting their associate’s degree for free, there will be a rise of interest in students who want to transition into the bachelor’s degree at Johnson University.

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