Frazier gives back to Johnson University upon graduation

 When Dean of Chapel Bill Wolfe learned about his upcoming trip to study in Scotland, it was Andrew Frazier who he approached to step in and lead chapel during his absence.

Frazier is a native of Atlanta, where he spent his entire childhood. At 18 Frazier left Atlanta for Knoxville, where he enrolled in Johnson University (formally Johnson Bible College) in the fall of 2009, graduating the spring of 2013.

The summer after graduation, Frazier immediately began working in the registrar office. Eventually he moved to admissions before going back to the registrar as an assistant, which is where he is now.

Frazier is currently working on his Master’s of New Testament at Johnson University, and while he said that he is still currently seeking his calling, he continues to take steps to prepare for whatever it may be.

“It’s a day-to-day process figuring that out,” Frazier said. “I love the idea of being in higher education.”

Most recognizably, Frazier has been assisting in the organization of chapel while Wolfe has been absent.

Frazier’s first experience with chapel came during his senior year at Johnson, during which he served as the president of the Student Government Association, which entailed speaking in chapel regularly. Recognizing that experience, Wolfe quickly asked for Frazier’s assistance.

“I hope chapel is forming mentally, spiritually and physically,” Frazier said. “I hope I can continue to be a voice of the younger generation.”

By taking such a visible role, Frazier hopes he has been a positive influence in the Johnson community throughout the past semester.