Dean of chapel addresses importance of corporate worship

Bill Wolf, dean of chapel, graduated from Johnson University with both a media communications and a masters degree and in New Testament.

It was not long after that Wolf graduated, that President Weedman approached him about taking on a new role as dean of chapel. Wolf is now in charge over every detail pertaining to chapel.

“I think I’m called to Johnson to help us worship well,” Wolf said. “I have no idea how to do that, but I’m working hard,  praying and listening as closely as I can to God so that we can all figure that out together.”

He wants to shed light on the importance of corporate worship. To do this, Wolf asks questions like, “What is it that we should do when we gather to worship, and why it is we should do it?”

In his time here Wolf feels like he has made an impact on how chapel is run and organized. He does not think it is this way because he is an amazing organizer but simply because he comes with to this job with experience.

When it comes to the impact, that he made on the Johnson community, Wolf admits that he does not know.

He hopes to have made a positive impact both spiritually and theologically on the students that are closest to him, as well as his hope that he brought more meaning to worship.