New band at Johnson taking leap forward by releasing their first EP

Tanner Rutherford, Cord Johnson, Ben Mcgue and Dane Alexander are second semester freshmen at Johnson University, and make up the band “The Valley Opera.”

“The Valley Opera” has only been a band for three months and is wasting no time trying to gain pliability by releasing their first EP.

“This is a self titled album,” said Rutherford.

The reason being is that there is no real story behind the EP. It is just made up of miss- matched songs Rutherford has written in the past few years.

They might not have a story in the EP, but they definitely do have diverse musicality. All of the songs are based around different styles of music.

“Lets just call it Americana,” said Rutherford.

Meaning that there is not one set style; it is influenced by jazz, R&B, rock and blues.

Fans might have trouble pinning them down in the gene section when their EP releases on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

They can be found on Facebook which has links to their music and upcoming events.