Oxford’s director of mission studies explains history, direction of program

Thomas Harvey, dean of Oxford’s missions, graduated from Wheaten Collage, Asbury Theological Seminary, the University of Notre Dame and has a Ph.D. in theology from Duke University. He has also spent 15 years living between China and Singapore and wrote a book entitled, “Accented with Grief.

President of Johnson University, Gary Weedman said Harvey and his wife, “have a deep heart and passion to extend God’s kingdom among all nations.”

Harvey said that the reason Oxford’s Centre for Missions studies was founded is to bring fresh air back into the failing western missions culture.

“Western missions have become deeply implicated with western imperialism and western colonialism,” he said.

This made western missions almost fruitless. Some countries did not even want missionary’s to come anymore because they could not separate the idea of a missionary from a conqueror.

When the OCMS was founded in 1883 they made new principles that would allow them to reach back into the mission field in a new way.

They made it a point to have at least 60 percent of their conceal of trustees be from the two-thirds world.

Along with this, their research brings together faith and action. “we listen to our students,” Harvey said. After that he showed a presentation of the grad student’s studies.

Harvey said he believes that missions is one the most exciting fields a person could get involved in.

He left the stage challenging the Johnson University students to get involved with missions.