A quick word to the public from the new Editor-N-Chief

An Indiana corn field caught in the midst of daylight.
An Indiana corn field caught in the midst of daylight.

Greetings, Johnson University! Abbey Whitaker is the name. I will firstly introduce myself as another Johnson freshman from the state of Indiana, and secondly as the excited new Editor-N-Chief of the Royal Scribe. Yes, I reign from a small country town in Indiana, but my dreams and ambitions were never limited to the compact borders my town held.

Growing up in Indiana, I was always surrounded by corn fields on my left and right. I took every chance I could to escape to somewhere more magical, like somewhere with mountains or an ocean. Being encompassed by flat land, the mountains had always caught my eye. Luckily, Johnson is full of those.

I did not choose Johnson for that reason alone, however. I have been visiting Johnson University ever since I was a little girl. My preacher’s wife at my home church went to Johnson when it was still “Johnson Bible College.” That was my first hook. Later in my high school career, both my youth minister’s went to Johnson and graduated in 2001. That was my second hook. By this point, I already had my eye on Johnson, but there was still one more thing missing.

Being a hopeful journalism student is not an easy thing to be, especially since the world claims that journalism is a dying field. Now, mix that with being an evangelistic journalist, and you have got yourself a troubled young adult. Around my freshman year of high school, I knew two things for sure: 1.) I wanted to be a journalist, and 2.) I wanted to earn my education from Johnson University. How I would get both of these things, I had no clue.

But then I went on a campus visit to J.U. in the fall of 2014, and all my prayers were answered. Once I discovered that I could get my journalism degree while still furthering my Christian beliefs, I was overcome with joy. I can still recall calling my mom that day and sobbing on the phone trying to explain to her that I found my future home.

Freshman Abbey Whitaker taking the stage as the new Editor-N-Chief
Freshman Abbey Whitaker taking the stage as the new Editor-N-Chief

Back in my high school years, I was blessed with the honor of being the high school newspaper Editor-N-Chief for three years, along with being a radio DJ for the school radio station. I had the most fun in high school participating in various Speech Meet tournaments and playing for the girls’ varsity soccer team. I would not consider myself to have been active in high school, but I did enough to keep my mind busy.

Along with my mom and dad, I have two older brothers whom I love dearly. My family is also one of those families where we count our dog as a part of the family, and my mom counts the dog as another child. I grew up with a close relationship to my family, and I will say I am saddened at the fact that I cannot pack them up with me and move them into my quaint dorm room.

I am a bubbly person, and will make friends with almost anyone I meet. I cannot wait to start my life here at Johnson, and I hope to make an impact in the field of journalism with the Word of God.

Sincerely, Abbey Whitaker

Royal Scribe Editor-N-Chief

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