First open dorm of year provides fun for all

Austin Spidell hosts Karaoke
Austin Spidell hosts Karaoke.

The walls were much more stark and less decorated that the women’s dorm. The surrounding was unfamiliar — but most of the women attending the Open Dorm at Brown Hall agreed that the guys dorm smelled better than they expected.

Open Dorms began at 7 p.m. and lasted until 10 p.m. Thursday night.

The men of Brown Hall welcomed the rest of the campus community as part of Open Dorms, a long-standing tradition at Johnson University.

Students who do not live in the hall were treated by the smell of coffee, the sound of loud music and lots of games and activities.

“I think it’s a good social event,” said Robert McPherson, who was serving coffee to three of the guests in the dorm.

The freshman generated some of the craziest get-togethers by hosting karaoke parties, selling coffee, and playing good, old fashion board games.

Board games in Caleb Bryant's room
Board games in Caleb Bryant’s room.

Ben Faust said he feels like the open dorms are a good way for students to get to know each other, and students always want to make a good impression.

Wyatt Whewell said that to prepare for open dorms he cleaned for three days.

When Jadalyn Brown expressed her surprise at how clean the men’s dorm was, Kyle Trope replied by saying, “you should have been here two hours ago.”

Most guests appreciated the work the Brown Hall students put into the event.

“It didn’t smell near as bad as I thought it would,” said Josey Waggoner.

Johnson does not have co-ed dorms, so the Open Dorms tradition started as an opportunity for the male students to occasionally host the female students in their dorms, and vice versa.

But some students feel like the tradition is a bit ode.

“If they were more consistent they wouldn’t be so weird,” said Ben Faust.

Ben Faust and David Skow entice the ladies with their electronic fire
Ben Faust and David Skow welcome their guests  with their cozy electronic fire.

A few of the female students did notice Brown Hall has a kitchen on every floor and a ping-pong table in the third-floor lobby, which Johnson Hall does not.

The residents of Johnson Hall will host Open Dorm for the rest of the student body Oct. 15.

Zoya Maqsood Kamil, Wilfors Saukire, Corban Ratidzo Ropafadzo Makaya, Peter Dalana, Summer Stroud, and Rachel Ward pose for a snap shot
Pictured are, from left, Zoya Maqsood Kamil, Wilford Saukire, Korban Ratidzo Ropafadzo Makaya, Peter Dalana, Summer Stroud, and Rachel Ward.

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