Johnson’s ultimate club spins into action

Johnson students who are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Johnson students who are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Johnson University’s Ultimate Frisbee Club is kicking, or in this case, throwing off the semester by putting together a community for those interested in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

According to Riley Scheyder, leader of the Ultimate Frisbee Club, the club is open to everyone, even those who have never picked up a Frisbee in their life.

He said the club’s main focus is to introduce new people to  the game and to get new Johnson students, who have an interest in the game,  to join back into a sport they love.

“There’s no initial requirements for people wanting to join the team,”  Scheyder said. “The only thing we ask is that people are willing to come out and participate.”

Anyone is welcome to join the club at any point during the school year.

“We have people on our team who had never picked up a Frisbee before they came to Johnson and some of those became our best players,” Scheyder said.

Another aspect Scheyder wanted people to remember is to always respect The Spirit of the Game.

“Frisbee is respected as a gentleman’s game and there’s an integrity behind everything you do,” he said.

So, while there are no physical requirements, there is a mental requirement to get involved.

Scheyder was careful to emphasize the importance of Johnson University having an Ultimate Frisbee club.

“We go and play at other tournaments with schools that are not Christian schools,” he said. “Here we have a mission field in Ultimate and we’re going and seeking out those opportunities and taking advantage of them in every way that we can.”

He also stressed the importance of community, saying that the club creates an intentional community that allows people to meet others with similar interests.

Steered said the nature of Ultimate Frisbee allows the Johnson team members to interact with teams from other schools.

“Our goal is to make a piece of plastic go further than it should because in the Frisbee community you’re encouraged to talk to the other team, play sideline games with them, and interact with them in a way that is deeply personal,” he said.

Scheyder said he believes that if you interact on a personal level, there’s room for God to work on those people through the members.

For those interested in joining, either check out the Johnson Ultimate Facebook page or email Scheyder at

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