Intramural Floor Hockey to begin soon


The last day to sign up for Intramural Floor Hockey, October 2nd, is quickly approaching. September 25th was the original deadline for sign-ups, but due to having not enough people sign up, the date was extended a week. There are currently fifteen students signed up for Intramural Floor Hockey.

Steve Cook, the Intramural Floor Hockey coordinator, said they had thirty-three members last year. Their record is forty-six members. “Floor Hockey is the greatest sport on earth,” said Cook, “A day without Floor Hockey is like a day without sunshine.”

Nine people are needed to make a team. Dylan Lockridge, sophomore, said they played all summer just five on five. “It works, but it’s really tiring. Floor Hockey is a great way to relieve stress and anger.”

Intramural Floor Hockey is once a year every fall. The games will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 9:00p.m. and 10:00p.m.

Every year the Intramural teams compete for the Francis Cup. This is the championship trophy given to the winning Johnson Intramural Floor Hockey team.

Players convene back in the middle for
Players meet back in the middle for “ball drop” after scoring a point.

Before signing up for the Intramural team, it is asked that you attend at least one pick-up game. These are held every Wednesday night in the old gymnasium, starting at 9:00p.m.

All students are welcomed to participate in pick-up games.

Tate Abernathy, senior, says that just like any other Johnson Intramural sport, Floor Hockey is a great way to let energy out with fellow Christians. He also said it creates a lot of camaraderie.

Michael Alexander, sophomore, says playing Floor Hockey is a great way to get to know other people and also a great way to connect with professors at the school. “It is a very competitive sport, but you get to hit stuff really hard,” Michael says.

Wyatt Whewell, freshman, says Floor Hockey is a great game with great people. He went on to say, however, that if they had more people it could be more fun.

During the pick-up games, there are two teams that will play two games of three, twelve minute periods. After the first game, the teams will switch up.

Extra players sub in every two or three minutes, depending on how many players there are.

There were seventeen people present for the pick-up game Wednesday night, September 23rd. Of the seventeen in attendance, there were four alumni, two seniors, three sophomores, and eight freshman. No juniors were in attendance.

Also of the seventeen present, there was only one girl.

Floor Hockey is not a male reserved Intramural sport, and females are welcomed and encouraged to come join the fun.

Pregame prayer
The team has a pregame prayer huddle.

Floor Hockey began back in 1995, when Tyson Chastain, a Johnson Alumni, and a few other guys started hitting around a tennis ball in the old gym. The goals were created out of metal pipe, and construction fencing was used as the nets. They played half court because there were so few players. Each year more and more people began to join the sport.

The first Intramural season began in 1998. They had three teams of six players each. They played with four on the floor and a goalie.

Back then, the goalies were lucky if they even had a baseball chest protector. Nowadays though, proper goalie protection padding and gloves are provided, along with the hockey and goalie sticks.

working hard to get past the golie
The players work hard to get past the goalie.

If one is looking for a fun and fast paced way to let out all that stress college can build up throughout the week, Floor Hockey may be the way to go.

The next pick-up game is Wednesday, September 30th.

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