Johnson hosts local cross country events

If you have noticed a lot of unfamiliar faces on campus this past week, they were due to Johnson hosting four local cross country events. Despite of the high chances of rain each event had a great turn out.

High school runner finishing strong.
High school runner finishing strong.

Well appreciated Johnson volunteers insured that traffic was conducted in a fashionable manner. The events took place on Sept. 24, 28, and 29. Students from local and distant schools all gathered at Johnson to participate in running on the Weller-Davis Cross Country trail.

On Sept. 24 High School students were the first to run on Johnson’s amazing trail. On the 28th the Elementary kids showed Johnson they were not too small to conquer such a large course. The events at Johnson came to a conclusion on Sept. 29 with Middle School students finishing strong.

From most of the visitors to Johnson Campus, there was much appreciation for all the hard working Johnson volunteers that made traffic and parking much easier.

“The West Hill Wolves are grateful to be a part of such a great event, the atmosphere and weather is great and the people here at Johnson are all so nice,” Ashley Wilmot said.

Visitors also thought that Johnson’s campus was overall a great place to be for the cross country events.

“Everybody is really nice here it is a nice place to run and we hope to improve our times.” Amy Suarez said.

Each year visitors appreciate that Johnson continues to show true hospitality throughout the events.

Weller-Davis Cross Country trail memorial.

“Last year I called the president of Johnson to tell him how much I appreciate all that is done for this event,” Gabrielle Blake said.

“We were here last year. Johnson has a good course and a good venue,” Mark Taylor said. “We look forward to coming back.”

The clouds were heavy during each event but the weather cleared up just enough for the races to commence.

Kevin O’brien directed traffic for each event, telling guests where to go and insured the safety of pedestrians. He had some positive things to say about the event’s traffic flow.

“This is the best year yet for traffic,” he said. “I have fun doing this, I’m sure everyone doesn’t but I do. The nice thing about it is that people are very appreciative and that makes me feel good.”

The atmosphere of the events was nothing but positive and encouraging. Richard French, the announcer that oversees the concession stand, played Christian music on Pandora at each event and sold affordable concessions for as much as one or two dollars an item.

“The music is appropriate to your location, it is kid friendly, and Pandora makes playing it so simple,” he said. “Everyone has treated us really kind and in my point of view I’m just glad the weather held up for us.”

All of the cross country events that took place at Johnson were a part of The Knoxville Youth Athletics Cross Country program.

The program is for boys and girls ranging from elementary to high school students. The program gives young athletes an opportunity to experience cross country in a competitive level with the opportunity to advance to regionals and nationals.

Sacred Heart Cathedral takes a group picture before the race.
Sacred Heart Cathedral takes a group picture before the race.

Some schools that participated in these events include: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bearden, West Valley, Northside, Harden Valley, Sequoyah, Farragut, St.Joseph, Pigeon Forge, Karns, West Hills, Blue Grass, Seymour, Christian Academy of Knoxville and a few others.

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