K-15: Volunteers impact Riverwood Community

Students work to clean out the garbage cans at Riverwood.
Students work to clean out the garbage cans at Riverwood.

On September 30th, Johnson had the largest K-15 Day in history. On K-15 Day, a group of about 20 Johnson students showed the light of Christ in the community by helping out at the Riverwood Christian Community in Louisville, TN.

At 9:30 a.m. the group of volunteers met in the Phillips-Welshimer Building to discuss rides and what was to be expected for the day. Ky Schreiber then led all the fellow volunteers at Johnson to Riverwood.

Riverwood is a residential home for adults with disabilities in the Knoxville area. Riverwood is operated by the CCDM.

The residents were all very nice and appreciative of all the volunteers from Johnson.

“You guys did a great job cleaning my room,” Kenny, a resident at Riverwood, said.

students washing the Riverview van.
students washing the resident van.
SGA member cleans out closet at Riverwood.
SGA member cleans out closet at Riverwood.

Johnson students provided much needed work to Riverwood like killing weeds, cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms, washing cars, cleaning out garbage cans, and doing anything necessary.

The staff at Riverwood were also very grateful for all the work Johnson students put forward.

“I’m so thankful that you guys are here because this place can use all the help it can get,” staff member Hannah said. “We have all the cleaning supplies you could possibly need and if you need any help let me know.”

Johnson students all worked together to accomplish every task that needed to be completed at Riverwood and had such joy serving the resident’s needs.

“I like the dedication that most people in the group showed while serving,” volunteer Jean Faton said.

There were also some friendly residents that were eager to talk to Johnson students and show them around their community. One resident named Christy expressed with Johnson students her love for Elvis Presley.”I love Elvis,” she said. “Do you know where Elvis lives?”

Volunteer spraying weed killer.
Volunteer spraying weed killer.

Riverwood started over thirty years ago when a man by the name of Sam Stone had a conversation with Marjorie Broxon, a woman with cerebral palsy and a resident at Mount Healthy Home. Marjorie made a good point to Sam Stone.

“You know I like it here.  There are good folks operating the home. But all of the other residents here are a lot older than me and I don’t have a chance to do many things I’m able to do and want to do.  I wish our churches provided a home to help handicapped people,” she said.

Sam agreed with Marjorie but also said it would cost a lot of money.

“It took a lot of money to build Mount Healthy Home, too,” Marjorie said.

So in 1981, at the North American Christian Convention, Sam Stone discussed with others ways to help people with disabilities.

Students taking care of garbage at Riverwood
Students taking care of garbage at Riverwood

After a process of planning and discussing, property was purchased in Louisville, TN which is now known as Riverwood.

This summer a new home for the disabled will be opening in Versailles, Missouri through partnership with New Hope Christian Community in Missouri. For more information on their ministry and ways to get involved visit http://www.ccdmonline.org


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  1. God is good, all the time. All the time God is good.

    In 1981 Sam Stone’s words brought forth a dwelling place for disabled.
    Today, November 3, 2016, my daughter is a resident at Riverwood 2; Pierson house, named after Jim Pierson, a man that led a battle in behalf of the disabled.

    Jim Pierson attended an IEP in behalf of my daughter when she was in Fourth Grade. Little did I know then that she would attend community college in the future, play Christian hymns and Beethoven on the piano with glee,
    and one day reside in a home named after Jim Pierson.

    God is good. He already knew.
    Johnson University please continue to serve the needs of others at Riverwood Christian Community, and others.

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