Johnson’s first Preview Day got off to a great start, attracting 20 high school students to view the school and learn more about it.

During a Preview Day at Johnson University, high school students take a Friday to come and visit the campus.  They see an admissions presentation, tour the campus, eat lunch with the faculty, learn about financial aid, and get to meet the multiple clubs on campus.

Students were mainly interested in the majors of teacher education, public health, and music and management.

Despite the small turnout this past Preview Day, with only 20 students and 29 non-students, the first Preview Day is always the smallest.  There are currently over 30 students registered for the next Preview Day.

The next Preview Day on the Tennessee campus will be October 9th, followed by another November 6th.  The next semester has Preview Days on February 12th and March 11th.  The Florida campus has Preview Days on November 13th, February 19th, and April 8th.

Posted by Logan Marcum

Logan Marcum is a freshman Videography student at Johnson University. He hopes to one day create feature films. He loves making people laugh and is strongly loyal to his friends.

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