Johnson takes steps to discourage students from quarry jumping

The Fort Dickerson Park quarry

One popular activity for the Knoxville community, including Johnson students, is to visit the Blount Avenue quarry at Fort Dickerson Park.

The park is a major attraction in Knoxville, but the activity of cliff jumping is illegal. Although cliff jumping is illegal, public swimming is still legal at Fort Dickerson Park.

The park provides the Knoxville community with a refreshing beautiful body of water to swim in and a nice escape into nature.

On September 16th, the Student Life announced that quarry jumping is against the law in an attempt to discourage Johnson students from jumping off the cliffs and into the quarry.

In this year alone, three people have died as a result of jumping into the Blount Avenue quarry at Fort Dickerson Park. This issue brings many concerns to the community, especially at Johnson University.

The dangers of the quarry are just as real as it is fun to jump into the water. Jumping from heights that are 80 feet or more can result in serious injuries or even death if the jumper does not use extreme caution.

Some Students at Johnson feel that quarry jumping is an exciting activity to do, and they are upset that it is illegal.

“People are aware that it’s illegal, but I guess it’s just a fun thing to do for some people,” Lindsey Tenholder, a freshman at Johnson University, remarked.

Some people feel that quarry jumping should not be illegal as long as jumpers are cautious and aware of the concequences.

“I think that if it is done safely then it should be okay for people to jump,” Kelsey Nickel said.

Senior at Johnson University, Matt Flowers, thinks that quarry jumping being illegal is for the good of the community.

“It’s smart considering people have died,” Flowers said.

Due to the deep waters and unknown rocks that lie underneath, swimmers are advised to take caution even when they are just swimming in the quarry. It is best to swim at your own risk.

Two other activities that are legal for the community include hiking and biking. If you are in need of a place to park for the quarry, most people park at the Fort Dickerson Greenway parking lot at 520 Augusta St.

The Fort Dickerson Park will continue to serve the Knoxville community as a public destination to use the resources of nature responsibly.

View of the quarry's vast beauty
View of the quarry’s vast beauty

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