Children of Knoxville find oasis in Water Angels

EDITOR’S NOTE: Royal Scribe reporters visited with some of the people helping and being helped by the organizations students interacted with on K-15. This is the story of one such family.

The crammed together houses in the neighborhoods of east Knoxville scream out as the forgotten child waits for his mother to come back.

The child tries to support himself without anyone’s help, but falls into the stream of inevitability of the worldly life. In the end, he is still a child that needs help.

Growing up in east Knoxville Charles Drew was in need of support in his walk of life.

His own strength was not always enough. After a recent incarceration, Drew was in need of someone to support him in the trials after his release.

Water Angels Ministry in east Knoxville was there for Drew when he needed help.

Drew was placed in the House of Grace, the men’s residence at Water Angels Ministry, where men can go through a six month rehabilitation.

Water Angels Ministry provides residents for men and women to keep each other accountable in their walk.

Drew and the other members are able to minister not only to each other, but also serve the community by feeding and clothing them. Drew said that he believes that serving them helps the people to recover from their own issues.

“I’m around positive influence every day,” Drew said. “I stopped worrying about what will come next.”

Drew said that in the House of Grace men are overcoming problems like drugs, alcohol and moral issues, with support of each other. During the six-month period, the residents participate in daily Bible study that helps them to recreate.

“In the House of Grace, we (members) all heal together,” Drew said. “We are working on our integrity and our character, so when there is no one around, we still can act the same.”

Water Angel Ministries is the place where a forgotten child can find a peace and refuge, and be able to serve others in the God’s ways.

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