Future missionary practices his faith during k-15


Josiah Caraway
Josiah Caraway

After a busy time with school assignments, papers and tests due, Josiah Caraway, a sophomore at Johnson University  relishes the fact that he is able to get away from school and be able to volunteer in the community with K-days.

Josiah, an intercultural study major, is often in the presence of non-believers, so he is comfortable with the fact he gets the chance to spread the gospel.

“K-15 gives the students a chance to get involved within impoverished communities that is in Johnson’s area. These actions can go further than just K day.” Caraway states.

Josiah Caraway is excited to serve the community in East Knoxville on K15 day.

Johnson gives students the opportunity to further their education through faith and special vocations to further God’s kingdom.

The great commission states to further extend God’s kingdom to the ends of the earth. Serving Johnson’s immediate area is not the ends of the Earth, but for students like Josiah, K-Days gives him a foresight of what his future holds.

“Being a mission major, I am able to work on the best ways to disciple within my own country,” he said. “So when I go to a foreign country I will have the proper tools to succeed.”

Caraway was excited to serve the community in east Knoxville on K-15

Many Johnson students served the homeless or had direct interaction with the community during their service.

One of the service locations was Edgewood Church Mount Zion in east Knoxville. This church is in the heart of a failing community. It is located in the most underprivileged and violent area in Knoxville.

The Gospel is necessary for this area to be able to succeed, and the students that were involved with this church and the neighboring love kitchen were affected.

“Most of the people around this area are either in government housing or homeless, so the church was involved with the community,” Caraway said. “They gave away free clothes and interacted with everyone they passed by. The love of Christ was apparent within the people of the church.”

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