Students Promoting Social Unity (SPSU) hosted their second event of the year on October 10 with a community game night.

SPSU is in their first year as a club, but already have about fifteen members.

The community game night warms up with basketball.

The community game night warms up with basketball.

Junior Chloe Martin said, “SPSU wants to provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment to the community in hopes to bridge the gap from the bubble and the city of Knoxville.”

The game night began in the old gym with music and basketball.

Following the hour of time to socialize and play games, participants next moved to the Gally for pizza and popcorn.

One team member finds a clue at Johnson Hall.

One team member finds a clue at Johnson Hall.

From there, participants separated into groups for a campus scavenger hunt with clues for locations such as Johnson Hall, Alumni Memorial Chapel, and the Gally.

With the club’s newness, they are not currently funded; rather, members contributed out of pocket to create an event that would promote their goals of unity and community.

The event brought high school and middle students who were involved in Emerald Youth Foundation’s “Just Lead” program, though Johnson students were also welcome.

Crystal Robinson, junior, said, “I felt like it was a good connection between Johnson University and the community.”

Robinson said that even though she grew up in Knoxville, she had not been aware of Johnson for a long time, so events like this were a great way to promote the school.

High school and middle school students join SPSU members for dinner.

High school and middle school students join SPSU members for dinner.

SPSU is excited to start connecting the school positively in Knoxville; their first event was a community day for all ages in Mechanicsville.

“I like their mission of wanting to unite the community and Johnson University,” sophomore Amy Moden said. “We want to make an impact breaking down barriers.”

Robinson said, “We are really just wanting to go into Knoxville and spread the Great Commission.”

Students who are interested in being a part of Students Promoting Social Unity can attend their meetings in room 229 of the Phillips-Welshimer Building at 6:30pm on Tuesdays.

Posted by Makayla Smith

Makayla Smith is a freshman Videography major at Johnson University. She enjoys utilizing her love of and background in writing by serving as Associate Editor for the Royal Scribe.

One Comment

  1. Terjuna Minor - President October 11, 2015 at 2:30 am

    Great article! SPSU is a new club on campus, however, we (are) a funded organization. But yes, some of our committee members did contribute out of pocket for tonight’s event to help cover “extra” items that were not included in our budget. A special thanks to the Royal Scribe for coming out to our event and to everyone involved! Again, love the article!



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