Thank you letters arrive

As students checked their mailboxes last week, many were greeted with bright blue letters.

These deliveries included instructions for how to make a financial thank you letter for a certain assigned fund to display their gratitude for financial assistance.

Many students were greeted with blue letters last week.
Many students were greeted with blue letters last week.

The deadline for letters to be emailed for approval is Tuesday, Oct. 13 while the final signed letter must be completed by Tuesday, Oct. 20.

All students who received any kind of financial aid through Johnson are required to complete at least one thank you letter.

“The financial aid thank you letters are designed to thank the many donors who contribute to the institutional scholarships set up to help students at Johnson seek their degrees. The letters serve as a little way of keeping the connection between student and donor by showing appreciation and gratitude for the money they designated toward the school,” said Kayla Brummett, Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

Some students received more than one letter to complete, but this is normal.

“If a student receives President, Gap, Program, and Christian Ministry [scholarships] these are all different funds and require different thank you letters, so it all depends on the individual’s financial awards,” Brummett said.

It is important to read the blue letter thoroughly to ensure all guidelines are followed.

The backside features a sample letter for reference, but shouldn’t be copied word for word.

By no later than Oct. 13, students should first email their letter as a word document attachment with the specific fund name in the subject line to

Upon receiving approval, students must many any corrections advised, print the letters, and sign them.

Finalized letters should be taken to the Financial Aid Office with a $0.49 stamp per letter no later than Oct. 20.

Brummett said, “I believe that at an institution where it’s value is in preparing students for Christian ministry, that it’s important to remember who has helped further your education and by taking a few minutes to write a thank you letter it’s instilling that Christian value in our student body.”

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