Brandon Perry steps in as new Men’s Basketball Coach at TN campus

DSCN0128The Johnson Royals are welcoming the new Men’s Basketball Coach, Brandon Perry. He is a new addition to Johnson University, and  will contribute to the athletic program. Perry shows pride in what he does, and he is excited to be here at JU.

Outside of Johnson University, Perry is a full-time Senior Minister at Thorn Grove Christian Church. He is part-time at Johnson, coaching the men’s basketball team and investing in the overall community of the team.

Perry is committed to the development of the athletic program at Johnson University. His goal is to have an impact in helping the team become successful men that represent Christ in the community.

“I went into coaching to interact with young men in a more personal way,” Perry said. “It’s better to watch people grow and be a part of their lives in a unique way. For many of the players, basketball will just be for the years they are in college. My goal is to prepare guys not only for the next few years, but for many years to come of how to become men who serve Christ in the community.”

Perry played both basketball and baseball in high school, but baseball is the sport in which he ended up gaining more experience. Prior to sports related injuries, he was an athlete at Milligan College. He was also a youth minister for about eight years and an assistant basketball coach. Previous coach, Kevin Hall, recommended Perry for the position here at Johnson.

“I wanted to get back into coaching, so Kevin Hall recommended me for the job as coach and here I am,” he said.

Perry also thinks that Hall did a phenomenal job at recruiting and investing in quality players here at Johnson University. Perry believes the team will go far and develop relationships that make the team a family.

“As a coach, I believe in community and that we are not meant to live alone,” he said. “We as a team connect with a common goal.”

Outside of basketball, Perry has a few things that make him unique.

“I lead worship, I’ve played guitar for a long time, and some people might find this funny but my favorite show is The Golden Girls,” he said. “I am married and we recently just had our first son Judah.”

When asked about his experience at Johnson University so far, he had nothing but positive comments on the atmosphere and overall community.

“I love the atmosphere here at Johnson and I love that it is a community,” he said. “Athletically we are doing some really great things here at Johnson and we are looking forward to getting even better.”

Perry is definitely excited for his first season as the Men’s Basketball Coach and is more than confident that the team will succeed in not only the game, but as men of Christ.

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