JUTN Royals Battle Pikeville Bears in tough loss

KNOXVILLE — Monday the Johnson Royals Women’s Soccer team faced the University of Pikeville. The night was a bit frigid but both teams continued to fight hard and persevere. The girls started the game with confidence that the game would be in their favor.

Captain of the Royals, Brooke Fowler, challenges the Bears.
Captain of the Royals, Brooke Fowler, challenges the Bears.

In the first half, both the Royals and the Bears battled for the first goal of the night. The Royals were determined to put up a fight against the Pikeville Bears, especially considering that it was the last home game of the season.

The bears were the first team to score, but this just made the Royals work harder on the field. In the first half of the game, Casey Marion, the Royals goalie, did a phenomenal job at preventing the Bears from scoring.

Despite  the chilly weather, the Royals remained motivated and encouraged each other throughout the game. The confidence the Royals had at the beginning of the game soon turned into pressure going into the second half of the game.  Although the Bears were scoring more goals, the Royals managed to still keep positive attitudes.

In the second half the Royals decided to put more energy into the game.

The prayer of both teams after the game.
Both teams pray together after the game.

Assistant coach Nathan Worley, said the second half of the game was more enjoyable to watch.

“It’s good to watch people who are fighting and encouraging each other and it showed in the second half,” he said.

In the second half there was an immediate change in the way the Royals were playing. The Royals had a more serious attitude and really put energy into defeating the Bears.

Even through the chilling temperature, the Royals still kept the game going and alive. Motivation and encouragement was sent to the team from players not in the game.

Even though the Bears were leading in the first and second half, the Royals did not give up hope. In the last minute number 19, Michaela Begley, put her best effort in to give the Royals a goal and showed some great skills out on the field.

The game concluded with the Royals losing 7-0. Although the Royals put up a good fight, the loss was something that can be used as motivation to work harder in future games. Both the Royals and the Bears ended the game on a positive note by praying together on the field.

The Royals hope to continue their season with more energy and to match their motivation with their level of playing.


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