Florida students, staff, faculty say goodbye to the Eubanks

Students wrote a parody number about the Eubanks' to the tune of "Piano Man" called "Lead Us Along Dr. Eubanks"
Students wrote a parody number about the Eubanks to the tune of “Piano Man,” called “Lead Us Along Dr. Eubanks”

EDITORS NOTE: Royal Scribe Reporter Christian Arnold experienced first-hand many of the events surrounding the departure of Dr. David and Margaret Eubanks from Johnson University Florida. In his report, he shares personal perspective on the impact the couple had at the campus. 

KISSIMMEE —  A portrait of Dr. David Eubanks, and his wife Margaret hangs in the halls of Johnson University Florida. A similar portrait hangs at the Johnson University Tennessee campus. Both portraits remind students, staff and faculty of the years of leadership, sacrifice and love  the pair has showered on both campuses.

On Monday, after two-and-a-half-years working at JUFL, Dr. Eubanks and Mrs. Margaret left Florida to go back to their home in Tennessee.
Dr. Eubanks’ work here, and on the Tennessee campus, has been pivotal in the process of transitioning Florida Christian College into Johnson University Florida, and merging  the two campuses into one university.
 “My dream and vision for Johnson University is that they fulfill their mission: ‘To extend the Kingdom of God among all nations,'” Dr. Eubanks said.

A few weeks ago at JUFL Roundup, the Eubanks were sent off the Johnson University Florida way. Students performed a musical number, written just for the Eubanks, titled “Lead Us Along Dr. Eubanks.”

Also, the couple was presented with a caricature made especially for them entitled “Johnson University Florida Duck and Gator Farm,” and were presented with a certificate for a lifetime of free meals at the Catfish Place, one of Dr. Eubanks’ favorite restaurants.

The student body was also able to show their appreciation for the Eubanks at last week’s chapel service. At the end of the service  Tuesday, the Johnson University Florida Student Government Association presented the Eubanks with a special thank you card from the whole student body.

 As the Eubanks made their way up to the stage, the whole student body stood up and gave them a round of applause to express their appreciation and display their love.
Many Johnson University Florida students, faculty and staff have expressed that they are so thankful for the time they have been able to spend with the Eubanks.
Their presence on the campus has been so refreshing and JUFL will miss seeing them here.
The Eubanks were delighted to Dr. Chambers knew the owner of their favorite restaurant in St. Cloud and had gotten them lifetime free meals
The Eubanks were delighted to hear that Dr. Mike Chambers knew the owner of their favorite restaurant in St. Cloud and that he procured them a  lifetime of free meals at the Catfish Place.

No longer will Mrs. Margaret be seen bicycling around campus or playing basketball in the gym. No longer will Dr. Eubanks be spotted walking around the soccer field and exercising.

Students will miss going over to their apartment for Mrs. Margaret’s famous Baked Alaska, or seeing Dr. Eubanks walking around campus with his iconic fedora and umbrella.
But most importantly, the campus body will miss the love that the Eubanks have exemplified here on this campus.
The entire Johnson University family is thankful for the work of Dr. and Mrs. Eubanks. The Florida family misses the Eubanks already and they eagerly await their return.

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