Prospective students visit Johnson campus

KNOXVILLE – Yesterday, Johnson University opened up its campus to a plethora of prospective students and their parents for the last Preview Day of the semester.

A Preview Day gives high school students a chance to familiarize themselves with the campus and the academic programs offered by the school.

High school students interested in attending Johnson University, along with their parents, gathered in a Gally private dining room in the morning for an overview of the day.

There, they learned about the day’s upcoming activities, which included campus tours, sitting in on classes, and lunch with faculty members, as well as a financial workshop for parents.

“I love the campus. It is beautiful. You can just see God’s beauty and power in almost everything here,” said Cherish Lloyd, a high school senior from West Point, Mississippi.

Banners welcomed Preview Day students outside and inside the Eubanks Activity Center.
Banners welcomed Preview Day students outside the Eubanks Activity Center.

Lloyd’s love for Johnson was inspired by her parents, and by her previous time on campus.

“My parents are alumni,” she said, “and I’ve wanted to go Johnson since I was 12.”

Prospective students were also offered the opportunity to experience dorm life by being housed by a current student.

“I spent the night with someone my senior year for Preview Day and I went to the Pajama Jam. I had a great time,” said freshman Carli Long.

Freshman Kaylin Lauscher said, “I stayed with two girls, one being an RA. They were so sweet and showed me what JU life was like. They invited me to classes the next day and so I got to experience part of their everyday life. I had lunch with them too, so I felt as if I were a student for one day.”

Current Johnson students who guide or house Preview Day students always make sure to answer any possible questions, and to make them feel welcomed.

There are also plenty of informational handouts and a map to help navigate the campus.

“The information and papers they give you were really helpful,” freshman Abby Pruett said.

Preview Day students are able to be enveloped by the Johnson atmosphere by walking around campus, attending a class, staying in the dorms, and more.

“The classes are my favorite. I just felt like they were very productive,” said Lloyd, who desires to major in Preaching and Church Leadership. “I learned more about the teachers and the way the school really is.”

“I think [Preview Days] are a very good thing because they give possible future students an idea what the Johnson community is like and they’re very helpful with answering your questions,” Long said.

Johnson’s Preview Days included Sept. 25, Oct. 9, and Nov. 6.

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