Security supervisor eager to form paintball group out of JUTN students

Tim Huggins competing in a paintball tournament.

KNOXVILLE– Tim Huggins is calling all students who are interested to be involved in the sport of paintball.

His goal on campus is to reveal an opportunity to those who have never had a chance to play and an outlet to those who have been involved in the sport in the past.

“I have a strong passion for the sport and want to do what I can to be an ambassador to promote paintball,” Huggins said. “I would like to be a connection for students who may be first-time players so that they can enjoy this great sport without having to handle all the logistics of putting together an outing.”

Tim Huggins and his father were introduced to the sport by some of his father’s coworkers when he was 12 years old.

His dad purchased the required gear immediately after, and soon the four members of their family were playing recreationally on a regular basis.

“By the time I hit high school, I was addicted and had some classmates that I would play with,” said Huggins. “Somewhere towards the end of my time in high school and shortly after, I transitioned from playing recreationally in the woods and began playing in the competitive side of the sport.”

Huggins claims that many people misunderstand the sport and view it as a bunch of guys randomly shooting each other with paint in the woods.

“Though that is one way that people can play, the style that I have enjoyed for years is rather similar to other mainstream sports such as football, basketball, and baseball,” Huggins declared. “It requires more physical and mental skill and dedication, lots of practice on technique, and a tremendous amount of communication and coordination with your teammates.”

A paintballing group that Tim Huggins plays with on occasion gathers to get ready for the game.

There is much variety to the way the sport can be played, and each playing style has a name. Huggins mentioned three:

  • Speedball
  • Woodsball
  • Scenario

Speedball is competitive and requires cooperation with you teammates.

Woodsball takes place in a wooded area and can even be narrowed into sub-styles like elimination, capture the flag, or attack and defend.

Scenario is usually the biggest style of play in terms of the number of players that participate, and can range anywhere from Zombie Apocalypse to Oklahoma D-Day, and annual events hosted by D-Day Adventure Park.

Tim Huggins wants to start this group to wet the appetites of our generation for the sport.

“I have had a handful of [Johnson students] interested in playing for the first time.” Huggins mentioned. “I am hoping to get more of a response and try to set up an outing for those who want to try paintball out. It will probably be scheduled for this coming spring.”

If you are interested, contact Tim Huggins at 865-251-2239 or

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