Passionate group of JUTN students host Revive: A Night of Worship

IMG_0964On November 14th, 2015, a small group of students graced the JUTN campus with an event that was both spiritually uplifting and captivating to watch.

Revive’s sole purpose was to reinvigorate the passion for God that the students, faculty, and staff have had the potential to bury over the course of this semester.

Being as the Phillips-Welshimer Gym was overflowing with both songs and shouts of praise that Saturday night, it seems the event accomplished its goal.

“The idea for Revive came back in September when Mason Ballard and I talked about a campus-wide worship night,” Rachelle Wright, Worship and Music Ministry major, commented. “We wanted to host an event that people could come to for spiritual renewal, community, and worship. So many times we serve in the church without properly filling ourselves with the Word, without praying for guidance and thanksgiving, or without engaging the Spirit of God.”

She went on to say that they wanted to create Revive as an opportunity for the student body to come together and fill each other up.

The moment they realized they could actually do it, they immediately reached out to everyone they knew would love to be involved, including fellow worship leaders, scripture memory members, and the media team.

They were even able to involve fellow student and artist Jasmine Hoisington, who preformed a beautiful shadow show, and Professor Kenny Woodhull, who provided a powerful message halfway through.

They worked hard to make sure that everything would run smoothly, but possibly one of the most moving parts of the entire night was hardly planned at all.

Halfway through their third song of the night, Build Your Kingdom Here, Benjamin Taylor Whitson, another Worship and Music Ministry major, took the time to focus on the tragedy that struck Paris, France the night before.

“In light of the global events of the last few days, we spent some time in prayer for those affected by recent tragedies,” Whitman stated. “We prayed that the Kingdom would come and bring an end to the suffering of a broken world.”

As the last notes of the song rang out, the air in the room became thick with both the presence of God and the passion of the congregation.

The energy only rose with every song and scripture verse proclaimed thereafter.

Worship at Revive

“We wanted Revive to be something that would change the culture of worship here at Johnson,” Mason Ballard, yet another Worship and Music Ministry major said. “We wanted it to be a night rooted in an attitude of sabbath rest; a worshipful event where people feel more filled when they leave to serve than when they came in.”

Mason went on to say that it is their prayer that Revive will not be an out-of-the-ordinary kind of event for those at JUTN.

They hope many more events like this one will take place in near future whether they are leading the way or not.

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