Miss Angie’s House

Angie Gibson, the founder of Miss Angie’s House, shares how she started the ministry just by giving sandwiches to homeless people. Currently, Gibson helps out at different homeless camps in the Knoxville area and also at Market Square. Gibson accomplished her dream of being able to host a home where homeless people can come and be able to have any of their needs met.

New Resident Director tells his story

  On a quiet Monday morning in the Underground Coffee Shop, Johnson University students and faculty trickle through in preparation for the final week of fall semester classes. For Weldon Davis, the new Resident Director of Brown Hall, the semester has marked the beginning of an exciting journey. He settles down on a couch across from me with a cup of coffee and … Read moreNew Resident Director tells his story

Harvesters’ Giant Paint by Numbers eases student stress

KNOXVILLE – In the midst of finals week stress, Harvesters sought out an activity to provide students with a fun, quick study break. Their December event, Giant Paint by Numbers, offered just that. Thursday evening, students visited the Old Gym to grab a snack and a brush to paint the stress away. “During finals you need a … Read moreHarvesters’ Giant Paint by Numbers eases student stress

Faculty serves, entertains at Miller-Scott Banquet

KNOXVILLE – Dressed to impress, students flooded to the festively-decorated Gally on Dec. 7 for dinner and entertainment – served by Johnson faculty. These activities are all a part of the annual Miller-Scott Banquet. To begin the evening’s festivities, Phillip Eubanks spoke on the history of the banquet, a tradition almost 90 years old. The name comes from … Read moreFaculty serves, entertains at Miller-Scott Banquet

SPSU hosts Unity Dinner

SPSU had their first Unity Dinner in the private dining room on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Students Promoting Social Unity is a new funded organization this year at Johnson. The purpose of SPSU is to raise cultural awareness, to promote advocacy against social injustice, to encourage involvement in surrounding communities by working together, and to inspire peace … Read moreSPSU hosts Unity Dinner

Winter Coffee House warms attendees

KNOXVILLE – On Nov. 16, the winter Coffee House took place. This gathering of talent by Johnson University students drew an especially packed crowd. The night began with Josh Meadows, who sang and played covers of “Love Somebody,” “After the Storm,” and “The Only Exception.” He was followed by Ben Faust and his friends, who played a Mumford and … Read moreWinter Coffee House warms attendees