JUTN plans mission trip to France

On the evening of Nov. 13, ISIS unleashed a series of attacks in Paris, France.

At 9:20 p.m., Stade de France was rocked by an explosion during the match between France and Germany. Ten minutes later, another explosion was detonated, and again at 9:53 p.m.

peace for paris by Jean Jullien
Peace for Paris painting done by Jean Jullien.

There were a total of six different locations attacked that evening.

Over 130 people were killed in these attacks. 89 deaths occurred at the Bataclan during a rock concert, 19 were shot down outside the La Belle Équipe restaurant, 15 were shot and killed outside the Le Petit Combodge restaurant, and 5 deaths were reported outside the Rue de la Fontaine au Roi bar.

Another bomb went off at Boulevard Voltaire where several injuries were reported, but no deaths.

ISIS claimed full responsibility for all the attacks.

During the Week of Evangelism, 10 Johnson Students will be leaving for a missions trip to France.

Paulette Prinston, professor of French and also the leader of the trip, said the attacks on Paris has created a lot of confusion for whether or not they were still to have the trip.

A drawing done by a Johnson student hanging on the board near the Phillips-Welshimer Gym.

“When something like this happens, it creates a lot of fear, a lot of panic, but things happen every day here [in the United States] and wherever you go. So the attack is not going to intimidate us. We are not guided by fear,” Prinston said.

The goal of this mission trip to France is to serve Christ through mission work and to experience the French culture as much as possible.

Prinston said, “France is one of the more secular countries in the world, as it is based on the principle of ‘laïcité’ – which is the idea of freedom of thought and absence of religion in all public spheres. When an opportunity arises, it is fitting that Christian students and individuals who know some of the language and the culture to follow the call of the Great Commission and be witnesses in places like these around the world.”

The group of Johnson students will be working in Marseille with American missionary Greg Young and his family. Marseille is a port city with a large immigrant population in the south of France.

CEMPrinston explained that Greg Young is the lead pastor of the church in Marseille and the one who will host the group. He has planted a church there that runs a year-long missions training program – Chrétiens en Mission (Christians in Mission). They have several programs for interns, mission courses, city ministries, a few camps, and other events.

Upon the group’s arrival there, they will be shown what a typical work week with CEM looks like, and will plug them in their regular city evangelism activities in Marseille.

“We are hoping to be used by the Lord, however he sees what needs to be done,” Prinston said.

Frantz Germain, Professor Prinston’s brother and also a member of the mission group of “The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church” in New York, once told her that “whenever you go on a mission trip, it’s not just for fun. You have to be on your knees.”

The students going on the trip will be selling these shirts for $20.

The students going on the trip are selling shirts to raise funds. The shirts will be $20. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, contact Camille.Speece@JohnsonU.edu or Johannah.Couch@JohnsonU.edu.

Prayer requests for the trip include:

*For the team to be productive and work for Jesus in a mighty way.

*For the team to follow the will of Jesus, no matter what.

*For the safety of the team as they travel and as they work.

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