Chastedy’s declassified finals survival guide

‘Tis the season to take finals and stress. Finals week may be beginning to induce panic, but have no fear, for a finals survival guide is here! If you follow these steps, you are bound to survive finals week at Johnson University.brace-yourselves-1gzq5me

  1. If you are a procrastinator and you have been to several procrastinating rehabs with your group of friends, take the first step and practice studying ahead of time.
  2. Follow your class syllabus and treat it like the most sacred text to make sure you have been following along and are up to date on assignments.
  3. Spend some time individually studying, then get a study group together to reassure everyone is on the same page. Plus you can make some awesome snacks for those times you just need a break from the material.
  4. Don’t study until Jesus comes back to help you on your final.jesus-finals In other words, take some time to relax and don’t overwhelm yourself with material or deprive yourself from much needed sleep. Nowhere in the Ten Commandments does it say that “thou shall deprive themself of sleep to pass their final exam at Johnson.” If you didn’t know that, you probably need to have a talk with Jody Owens, Sue Stratton, or Steve Cook.
  5. Take some time for recreation to make sure you’re not just a robot college student that does nothing but study, eat, sleep, and more studying.
  6. Get an efficient amount of sleep before the final. A refreshed brain will produce all the energy you need to do well on the final.
  7. Find ways that work for you to unwind and reduce stress, whether it’s walking two laps around the pond, getting a massage, working out in the gym, or simply being around friends. Did you know certain scents can reduce stress? So if you ever cross someone with lavender, coconut, rosemary, peppermint or cinnamon scented things, hit them up for a quick stress relief.
  8. Have you ever felt like crying over an exam or even drowned in your own tears of despair? Well, crying actually is another way to reduce stress chemicals, but if that is your only method of survival you should probably find a teacher ed student to help you laminate all of your papers so they don’t get ruined. An alternate option is to simply get the encouragement of your fellow college friends that probably need a tissue as well.
  9. Breathe! It’s like the breath of God that went into Adam. Sometimes college students worry so much about finals they forget to simply breathe. Breathing is the easiest thing to do – and besides, the brain could use the extra oxygen to recall information. Take some time to just focus on breathing with no other distractions.
  10. Reward yourself with the things that matter to you to help motivate you to study. For instance, if you get a certain amount of questions right in a given time period, you get to either eat something you like or take a break to do something you enjoy.
  11. Find unique ways to remember material like thinking of crazy ways to remember things so that seeing certain things would generate thoughts on the test.
  12. If you do not quite understand the material do not be ashamed to seek help. Not only would you have a better chance at passing the exam, but you also might develop some friendships in the process or since we are a “bridal college” potentially get a ring by spring if you know what I mean.
  13. If you can’t deal with the silence while studying, jam out to your favorite songs. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into your own personal concert that would make you stop studying.
  14. Eat! Give the body the nutrients it needs to function well during finals week. Don’t just say you have to study so you can’t eat. Make time to eat. You can even bring your study material with you and study while you eat.
  15. Keep your dorm clean! Cleanliness is next to Godliness, right? Keeping your dorm clean can reduce stress and ensure you will pass room checks.Midterms
  16. Use methods that work for you to study. If you are a visual person try drawing things out to remember material. You could also use flashcards or online study tools.
  17. Polititely kick your friends out of your room if they are a huge distraction. If you find yourself having more fun than actually studying chances are you have a severe case of the “I can just study later” disease. If you keep holding off studying to entertain your friends, chances are you will never study and some friendships will be at stake if you fail your final exam.
  18. When in doubt, figure it out! Use all of your resources including your friends to make sure you understand material.
  19. Make a check list to make sure you don’t forget anything. You will also feel accomplished once you check things off.
  20. One last thing:

Here’s a little guide I wrote. You might want to read it note for note.hunger-games-exams-meme
Don’t worry, be happy.
In every class we have some trouble.
When you worry you make it double.
Don’t worry, be happy.
Don’t worry, be happy now.

College students have a tendency to worry about every little thing. Be confident and study efficiently! Also to find out the schedule for your final exams, log on to, go to academics, and click on Fall Final Exam Schedule – TN.

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