SPSU hosts Unity Dinner

SPSU had their first Unity Dinner in the private dining room on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Students Promoting Social Unity is a new funded organization this year at Johnson. The purpose of SPSU is to raise cultural awareness, to promote advocacy against social injustice, to encourage involvement in surrounding communities by working together, and to inspire peace and change for all underrepresented populations.


The Unity Dinner served as a time of fellowship and unity before everyone goes their separate ways for the holidays.

SPSU President, Terjuna Minor, started the evening by giving thanks to everyone who has been praying for SPSU, supporting, or had any  involvement in SPSU. She expressed on behalf of SPSU how much it meant to be supported in the community and on campus. The dinner was then led in a word of prayer by Brent Brewer, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies.


The evening was full of fellowship, unity and food. There was also an open mic so anyone could have the floor. The first open mic speaker of the night was  April Kilinski, Professor of English and Literature.

She had some words of affirmation for the SPSU president Terjuna Minor’s efforts in being a leader for SPSU.

April Kilinski speaks to the attendees.

“I’m so proud of you for doing this and I’m proud of you for taking that on and being serious,” she said.”Stuff is happening on this campus because you guys are serious.”

Kenny Woodhull, Professor of Intercultural Studies and Director of the Urban Alliance, was the second open mic speaker of the night.

He informed everyone of the influences Johnson is trying to have in the Knoxville community. Next, everyone got some dessert and continued to fellowship. The next open mic speakers were Chastedy Johnson, Chloe Martin, Brent Brewer and Crystal Robinson.P1100038.JPG

“I’m thankful that something like this can grow on a campus like this,” Chloe Martin said.

“It’s amazing to see what you guys are doing and God is up to some really cool stuff here,” Brewer said.P1100025.JPG

The Unity Dinner ended in laughter and, for some, tears of joy. SPSU has some big plans for next semester.

For more information on SPSU and ways to get involved, contact Terjuna Minor at Terjuna.Minor@johnsonu.edu.

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