Harvesters’ Giant Paint by Numbers eases student stress

Freshman Hannah Baker helps paint the sign for Nick and Amanda Dunn.

KNOXVILLE – In the midst of finals week stress, Harvesters sought out an activity to provide students with a fun, quick study break. Their December event, Giant Paint by Numbers, offered just that.

Thursday evening, students visited the Old Gym to grab a snack and a brush to paint the stress away.

“During finals you need a stress reliever,” said freshman Sam Killion, brush in hand.

To begin, a 6×10 map of the world was sprawled out with numbers on it corresponding to cultural regions, each a different color. The map was surrounded by a string of people from the different areas holding hands.

Students fill in the numbered areas with its assigned color.

The cultural regions included: European, Austral Europe, Indic, Southeast Asian, Latin America, Anglo-American, Islamic (Middle East/North Africa), Sub-Saharan Africa, Slavic – Central and Eastern Europe, Sino Japanese, and Insular Oceanic.

Each region also featured an information sheet with details of the countries, main religions, facts, and number of unreached people groups.

“[We’re] bringing people together in a fun environment to learn about the world,” said Harvesters president Tate Abernathy, senior. “We do four main things: raise awareness of, prayer for, connection to, and partnership to missions.”

Senior Chloe Nielsen draws Christmas designs to fill with color.

In addition to the color by numbers map was a strip of paper for festive doodles and a banner wishing Harvester offering recipients Nick and Amanda Dunn Happy Holidays in their language in Ethiopia. This banner will be included in a Christmas video being created to send to them.

“We love to come up with new ways to support the Dunns,” said Harvesters special events coordinator, junior Spencer Myers.

This event is a part of Harvesters’ initiative to push towards hosting monthly events.

Myers explained that Harvesters may have not been as well responded to in the past, but they are striving to have God take control.

“I’m super excited about what’s happening right now, [and] that people are responding,” Myers said as the event surpassed their goals.

Harvesters also hosted the benefit concert fundraiser this semester, and look forward to a spring fundraiser as well. They are excited to create more events for the student body to have fun and to learn about missions.

Happy Holidays
The sign for Nick and Amanda Dunn.


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