Miss Angie’s House

In today’s society, homeless people are often labeled as outcasts. However, some of them become homeless because of unfortunate events, rather than personal laziness. Angie Gibson, founder of Miss Angie’s House, says that she believes that every child of God deserves a second chance.

Miss Angie’s ministry started with her helping out a few homeless people that she met at KARM when she was volunteering there. However, after a while it developed into events every Tuesday and Saturday, where she would bring food and clothes to the homeless at Market Square.

At first Miss Angie’s visits on the streets consisted of her handing out sandwiches with Scripture or a written note explaining that they are loved, delivered right from her car. However, after awhile she was able to interact with the homeless people and be able to become a part of their lives.

After three months, two couples joined Gibson in her ministry to the homeless of the Knoxville. Currently there are six permanent volunteers.

“I saw a need not only in food and shelter for these people, but rides to doctor visits, the emergency room, or just to have simple partnership” said Miss Angie, “Therefore, I made business cards so they can contact me 24/7”.

Miss Angie shared that she had a dream of having a house that could be open for anyone and anytime in order to meet their physiological and mental needs.

“God told me ‘As long as they don’t go to bed hungry, as long as they know they are loved, and that you are consistent in what you’re doing that it is what matters’, Miss Angie said, “And that is what I try to follow”.

Miss Angie is continually working on the expansion of her ministry. Angie said that she tries to let the people she helps know that they do not need crazy life styles to feel validated, because they are loved by God and loved by people in the ministry.

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