A Guide to Wednesday Chapel Groups

KNOXVILLE – For returning students, particularly freshmen, Wednesday Chapel groups can be confusing. They are an experience that takes the worship and message of Tuesday and Thursday chapels and transfers them to a smaller, more intimate group.

However, while a list of available groups is usually sent out via announcements, oftentimes it is not read by students and many are left wondering where they should go on Wednesday mornings.

Thus, the Royal Scribe hopes to help out returning students by providing a comprehensive list of Chapel group options for this semester:

Dr. Carl Bridges is leading a “Sci-Fi and God” group in RPC 153 that will explore religious themes in science fiction through the reading and discussion of several sci-fi stories.

Susan Calderon is leading “El Encuentro,” a group focusing on Hispanic life, language, culture, and ministry. The group will meet in RH 215.

Dr. Jeff Snell is leading a “Society of Preaching” group in RPC 155 which he is hoping “will celebrate the art and craft of preaching through discussion, prayer, worship, instruction, sermon critiques, and guest speakers who will discuss various ministry-related topics.”

Jon Weatherly will be leading a guy’s group in RH 164 that will focus on “sharing the big and small details of our lives informally through conversation and prayer. We ask that members commit to meeting the entire semester together and potentially to helping to lead the group in the following academic year.”

Beth Ridge, Becky Eveland, Kealy Mead, and Ashley Davis will be leading a girl’s group at the Ridge home (2313 Bell Drive). This is “a group based on building relationships with each other while discussing relevant topics over a cup of tea or coffee.”

Stuart Large and Bill Wolf will be leading a “Media Technology and Worship” group (Location TBD) that will focus on “the WHY of worship gatherings and the vital role technology plays.” (This group is limited to Media Department work-study students.)

Dr. Rafael Rodriguez will be leading a transfer student small group in RH 155 that will “discuss the unique issues related to being a transfer student at Johnson.”

Dr. David Wheeler will be leading “The Seven Laws of the Teacher” in PW 231. This group, with the help of Howard Hendricks, will help students “discover some of the most vital aspects of effective teaching and communication.”

Brent Brewer will be leading the Harvesters chapel group in the EAC Student Center. This is a group for students passionate about missions, learning about other cultures, and using strategic vocations to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Kristel Headley will be leading “Third Culture Kid/International Student Transition Group” in Myrtle Hall 212. This is a group for students who have spent significant time living outside of the United States. “Designed to provide TCKs and international students with a safe place to explore their stories. Topics may include looking for a home, cultural identity, relational patterns, coordinates for the future, and celebrating their journey.”

Bill Wolf will be leading “Songwriters in the Round” (Location TBD). This group, for students who enjoy writing songs, will involve sharing pieces and discussing the art of songwriting. Interested students are encouraged to contact Bill Wolf at wwolf@johnsonu.edu.

Jason Mead and Ron Wheeler will be leading “The Heliand” in PW 253. “We will examine excerpts from this 9th century Germanic classic over this semester. The Saxons had been forcibly converted to Christianity by Charlemagne … but were little interested in this foreign religion. To help, an anonymous Saxon Christian created the Heliand, a re-telling of the Gospel narrative.” Students are encouraged to “come see Jesus through old Saxon eyes.”

David Legg and David Wheeler will be leading the Student Government chapel group in PW 213. (This group is limited to members of the SGA.)

Emma Caylor and Kenny Truss will be leading “I Choose You” in UCC 204. “I Choose You” is a ten week program that addresses topics for couples before tying the knot. “Topics include personality assessments, family dynamics, and relationship strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to raise awareness and tackle conversations.” (This program, which can be used as premarital counseling, will provide a discount on a marriage license in the state of Tennessee.)

Alexis Lewis and Lauren McKay will be leading “Stress Relief” in the UCC. This group will focus on “helping people manage stress more healthfully” and will use “various relaxation techniques to target all five senses to de-stress.”

Terjuna Minor and April Kilinski will be leading the Students Promoting Social Unity chapel group in RH 216. This group is “a place for the Johnson community to come together and get to know each other, discuss hot topics and current events, and to inspire peace, unity, and change in each other’s lives.”

Bill Wolf will be leading Freshman Chapel in the AMC. This group is a chance for the freshman class as well as new transfer students to worship, pray, and study together.

April Kilinski will be leading a group for English Majors at her home (2344 Gateway Ct.). This will be a place for students majoring in English to “keep grounded in their mission focus and will likely involved peer-to-peer mentoring and book study.”

Betsy Wolf will be leading the International Justice Mission group in the River Grill. This group “aims to be a part of a global alliance against the very real issue of slavery, both domestically and around the world.”

Dr. David Wheeler and Jef Eifert will be leading “Gatekeepers” in PW 229. “It is not an accident that Job 31:1 starts with our eyes. Many men have tried and failed to live up to the standard set in verse one … Don’t struggle alone! Gatekeepers exists to help men ‘covenant’ with their eyes so they can guard the Gates of their families, churches, and communities.”

Kenny Woodhull will be leading the Urban Lab group (Location TBD).

Rhett Lyle and Bill Wolf will be leading a commuter group (Location TBD). This group will be watching videos or listening to podcasts and discussing them weekly via online forum. Interested commuter students are encouraged to contact Rhett Lyle at rblyle382@gmail.com.

Dr. Gerald Mattingly will be leading the Honors Program chapel group in RH 255. This semester the group will focus on The Inklings of Oxford by Colin Duriez. (Limited to Honors Program students.)

Jacob Vangen will be leading a Spiritual Formations group in RH 245. The goal of this group is to practice Spiritual Disciplines as a community and cultivate them in each person’s life. This will include Lectio Divina, prayer, fasting, etc.

Roy Miller will be leading “Shifting the Paradigms in Public Education” in RH 217. This group will study “the impact that has occurred, due to cultural changes in society, on the millennial generation that are teachers, and in turn, the results of rising numbers in charter, private, and Christian schools.”

Finally, Matt Hixson will be leading a “China Group” in RH 218. This group is open to anyone interested in ministering to Chinese around the world and will focus on,”understanding Chinese culture, praying for Chinese people, discussing effective strategies for reaching out to them, and orienting students for the trip to China this summer.”

Chapel groups begin meeting tomorrow, Jan. 20 at 9 a.m.

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