Kenny White finds a home at Johnson

Kenny White is looking forward to seeing his progression as a student athlete
Kenny White is looking forward to seeing his progression as a student athlete

Growing up the minority in his area made him naturally quiet, but he saw a change in middle school when he started playing sports. Kenny states,” From middle school to high school I grew from playing ball by the friends I made. Those friendships were a great experience that I still share today.”

While Kenny saw growth in his friendships, he still lacked a core group of friends. He says,” Going through High School, it became hard to find a certain group of friends to hang out with inside and outside of school. My sophomore year, when I started playing Athletic Amateur Union is when I found a great group of guys that I played ball with and became the best of friends.”

Becoming a leader at any level of life is an adjustment and takes a responsible person to look over themselves and others. Coming into his senior season at Halls high school, Kenny was called into the leadership role and while breaking his quiet demeanor, he still had some timid qualities about himself.

Kenny says,” The coach’s son was the best player on the team, but he looked at me to be the leader and I felt I could not live up to those expectations and I was not as good as him.”

Kenny did not automatically jump into the leader’s chair and control the team, but receiving his first college offer halfway through his senior season from Bryan College changed his basketball perspective.

White states,” That offer really changed my life forever, because that offer made me want to succeed in life and basketball. I am so glad God blessed me with that first offer; because that is the reason I am at Johnson today. Through Coach Hall’s recruitment I began to visit Johnson a few times, and I realized that this is where God wanted me to be.”

Coming into his freshman year at Johnson, the hardest adjustment was not finding a group to fit in with, but finding those friends that would help him grow spiritually. The biggest difference from Halls to Johnson was the spiritual aspect.

Kenny says,” My basketball friends in high school were bad influences honestly. There was a lot of cussing, derogatory things that I was around, so I sought to find friends that would lead me towards Christ that I was not use and that was one of the biggest factors on my college decision.”

Many athletes throughout their lives get the identity of isolation and egotistical people. At Johnson, it was/is a requirement of both Coach Hall and Coach Perry to get involved in the school’s population.

Kenny states,” A lot of students know us from our involvement with events they have, so they come out and support us on the court. We realize our faith and the treatment of others is above us playing basketball, so we really try to be a part of the school.”

While only being a sophomore White is on pace to break some Johnson scoring records if his game continues to shine like it has through the first eleven games. Through eleven games Kenny is averaging 22.6 points per game while shooting 44% from the field and 41% from the three point line.

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Aside from basketball, Kenny is currently majoring in Communications. He is allowing God to lead him where he needs to be, but he is still pondering on what he specifically interested in.

White states,” I am struggling with what I want to do, but I have an interest in web design, but I am allowing God to lead me to show me where he wants me to be.”

By only being a sophomore White has time to figure out his future, but the present time is looking bright for his future. He realizes that he is one of the valuable players on the team, but he maintains his humble manner and strives to continue to grow as a man and player.

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