Women’s Worship Night at JUTN

On Tuesday, Jan 26, the women of Johnson University had an all women’s worship night in the Alumni Memorial chapel. Despite the chilly weather and light rain, there were many women that came together to worship. The night consisted of praise worship, a sermon from Dr. Heather Gorman, and a time of communion and fellowship.

The night started out with the worship song ‘Holy Spirit,’ and then it lead into the worship song ‘Hosanna.’

Fellow JU students lead the women’s worship time.

The mood of the night was set with words of affirmation and prayer. The women then continued with their worship night by singing the song ‘Heart of Worship’ together.

Dr. Heather Gorman was in awe at the sight of all the women coming together for one common purpose. “I’m excited that women want to come together and worship,” she said.

She then gave the female audience a sermon on the awesomeness of women, and how sometimes women do not give enough self credit when it is due or compare themselves to other women.

Dr. Heather Gorman speaks to the crowd.

Throughout the sermon there was an emphasis on women being the women that God created them to be.

“We are His daughters created in His image to do good work,” Dr. Heather Gorman said.

After Dr. Heather Gorman spoke on the awesomeness of women, there was a time of communion and fellowship. There was a cup of juice and piece of bread for all the women to partake in communion.


Fellow women partaking in communion.

The fellowship time was intended for women to talk about their struggles and opinions on their true worth as women. The women got into small groups around the chapel and took communion together as sisters in Christ.

The night came to a conclusion with one last worship song, ‘Jesus Paid It All’, and a time of prayer.



Fellowship and prayer by the JU girls.


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