JUFL Campus Choir, Choral Society prepares Broadway compilation performance

KISSIMMEE – The JUFL Campus Choir and Choral Society has long had a tradition of performing.

Some of their most notable performances include their annual appearances at Candlelight to sing at Disney. The choir has been performing in Candlelight since 2009 under the direction of Dirk Donahue.

JUFL Choral Society performing at Roundup 2015.

Last year, the choir was happy to be joined by the Tennessee’s tour choir at Candlelight.

The choir additionally performs at Roundup, Night of Noel and a spring concert.

This year, the choir has turned their spring concert into a best of Broadway compilation. The show will feature iconic Broadway numbers, as while as a few dramas.

According to Donahue, “the JUFL students are really showing a lot of interest in this specific concert and in turn it rubs off on everyone in the choir.”

He went on to say how excited he is that “the students in choir are buying into doing this music.”

Donahue has worked as a singer at Disney for a number of years, and is a part of the Dapper Dans at Magic Kingdom and the Voices of Liberty at Epcot.

Dirk Donahue directing the combined choir of Johnson University Tennessee and Florida at Night of Noel.

He has enjoyed directing choir because “it’s exciting to see the growth of a group of singers in preparation for a concert.”

Different than most years, the choir will be performing for two nights – April 29 and 30. The cost of admission will be only $5.

For those interested in joining the Florida Choral Society and Campus Choir, it is not too late. Click here for more information.

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