Royals gain victory against Suns

KNOXVILLE – After a tight basketball game that took place Thursday night, the Johnson University Royals had victory over the Johnson University Suns by thirteen points. Both teams are united by name but were very competitive on the court.DSCN0483

The game began with a word of prayer from player 4, Trent Flemming, followed by the National Anthem.

Head Suns Coach, Craig Wilsman, had one remark before the game tipped-off:“I just hope we compete well,” he said.

Dr. Eubanks also came out and sat courtside with the Suns but was in full support of both teams.

“I’ll be cheering for both teams tonight,” he said.

Royals Coach Perry, Dr.Eubanks, and Suns Coach Wilsman before the game.

The JUFL vs. JUTN game tipped off at 8 p.m. in the Phillips-Welshimer Building Gymnasium.   In the first few minutes of the game, the Royals were off to a good start in the first half by scoring the first shot of the night.

At one point in the game, both teams had potential shots, but most just did not go through as planned. The Royals soon overcame this and started to gain points on the scoreboard.

With 14 minutes left on the clock in the first half,  player 21, Jordan McClendon, made a surprising rebound from the shot that player 33, Taylor Gilpin, made giving the Royals a lead score of 18—09.

With 2 minutes left in the first half, player 4, Duane Howard, scored for the Suns making the score 42—34. I

n the last seconds of the first half, the Royals scored a couple of free throw shots ending the first half in a 17 point lead.

“We are playing at a high speed as we have been all season,” said Royals’ Thomas Davis. “When we are playing our best at the end of the season that’s really what you want.”

Suns player prepares for free throw shot.

In the second half the Suns struggled to gain a lead in the game. It began with a 17 point run from the Royals and they maintained the lead throughout the game.

Maintaining the lead was not difficult for the Royals, but the Suns still remained competitive and applied pressure.

With 4 minutes left in the game the Royals entered the three digits on the scoreboard with a score of 101—86.

The final score was 109 – 96 ending the night in a victory for the Royals. Following the game, both teams joined at center court and prayed together.

To watch the game, click here. For more information on Johnson University athletics or the schedules visit Johnson University Athletic Sports.

Timeout for the suns.

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