7DDUPYcXKNOXVILLE— After a presentation in SGA (Student Government Association) by the freshman class’s representatives, the Student Government Association has decided to hold an open floor for their next meeting on Wednesday, Feb 10.

SGA is excited to start their new semester and they are looking forward to events such as the SuperBowl Party, Coffee House, and Founders Day.  SGA events have been better than ever during the fall 2015 semester, and senior Hope Smyth has huge plans for her major event committee.

The major event committee is within SGA, and they are in charge of events such as Coffee House. They are organizing more events for this semester, such as possible concerts, bonfires, and more.

The freshmen brought up many student advocacy issues, dining hour problems, and future student activities in the meetings during the last few weeks.

The freshmen’s presentation made it known that many students have advocacy issues that they would like to bring to attention. During the open floor meeting, any SGA members may speak regarding anything they would like to bring to attention.

The open floor discussion may end up leading SGA’s direction for the semester. Student involvement will be key to this discussion’s success. Jordan Hess, freshman and SGA member, said, “If students make their advocacy issues known to an SGA member, they will be more likely to pitch the idea to the SGA body on Wednesday.”

SGA member, Jordan Hess

SGA member, Jordan Hess

Issues that may be brought up during this discussion would be dress code, open dorms, and more available dining hall hours.

SGA is asking for students this week to talk to their friends and SGA members.

Posted by Alexander McCormick

Alex is a junior at Johnson University TN. He enjoys spending time with his family and girlfriend. Alex loves global mission and the French speaking world. He lives his life by the phrase, "SEND, PLANT, MULTIPLY."

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