SGA to promote Judicial Branch

KNOXVILLE – Alongside many rumors on the Johnson University Tennessee campus, one has been validated by the Student Government Association. The legislation to add a Judicial Branch has been approved after a long history of debating the issue.

Previously shot down by the SGA voting body, this new Judicial Branch has been reworked so that it becomes a separate body from SGA. Recent graduates such as Lauren Shears, Ryan Mcdaniel and many others worked diligently to make this new addition to the student body possible.

According to the SGA Constitution, this Judicial Branch will “uphold the SGA Constitution and by-laws, ensure that all SGA members are abiding by the SGA covenant, partner with the student life office regarding the student handbook and will hear original or appellate cases brought forward by any member of the Johnson University campus student body.”

Essentially this Judicial Branch will be responsible for traffic violations and other campus matters that want to be challenged. SGA is asking for student involvement in the process in making this possible.

Hannah Vaughn, who helped in the creation of the Judicial Branch, said, “We want people responsible and that want to be involved to help run this new group. This is an opportunity the take control and have a chance to be viewed in front of peers.”

Those interested in being a part of the Judicial Branch can contact Vaughn at

“We need a way that students can appeal their tickets,” said freshman Avery Gengelbach. Gengelbach received a speeding ticket on campus during the second week of school.

“I was still unfamiliar with Johnson’s speed limits and driving regulations,” Gengelbach said.

SGA hopes by adding this new Judicial Branch that future issues like Gengelbach’s can be addressed by a council and a new system of appeals can be formed.


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