KNOXVILLE– The International Justice Mission small group is doing a mini fundraiser to promote awareness for trafficked victims.

The fundraiser, “Crush for a Crush,” allows students to send a Crush soda to someone of their choosing for only $1.00.

One can do this by picking up a bag from the “Crush for a Crush” tables that are located in both the girls and boys lobby. Inside each bag is an index card and a paper heart. In order to proceed with this fundraiser, one will need to write on the index card the name of the sender, the receiver, and a short message of choosing. When finished, return the bag to the box set up on each table, along with a dollar inside the bag.

orange-crush-soda-logo-246085The IJM small group members will later transfer the message from the index card to the paper heart and tie the heart to the soda. The last day to turn in a bag will be Feb. 11. The Crush cans will be delivered to the receivers dorm room Feb. 12 and 13.

The group has set a goal of $150 to raise over the semester, with a majority of the proceeds going to IJM and the rest going to small local non-profits in Knoxville.

Trafficking has become a prominent issue in society today. Trafficking is when a person is illegally traded or sold for exploitation or commercial gain. Human trafficking is the modern day equivalent of human slavery.

A major intersection for trafficking is the up-and-coming Super Bowl that is to take place Feb. 7. It is important to be aware of the things that are happening behind the scenes of one of America’s greatest shows, and to be aware that human trafficking can take place even during these exciting events.

If anyone is interested in helping trafficked victims further, the IJM small group meets every Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the campus Underground Grill. The group discusses stories about women and children that are in sex-slavery, and then the group reads the IJM stories about how they were rescued.

Kaylan Moeckli, a junior at Johnson University, said, “We try to spread what sex trafficking is and how to help be proactive against it.”

Moeckli is the co-leader of the IJM group. Partnering with another junior, Zach Ward, they help lead and teach the group.

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