“The Curious Savage” set as JUTN spring production

Reading through the script left everyone in laughter.

KNOXVILLE – Auditions for Johnson University Tennessee’s spring production, “The Curious Savage,” concluded yesterday. Show dates are set for April 14-17.

A variety of students participated in the three days of evening auditions in Old Main, which consisted of reading for various characters in a variety of scenes.

“The Curious Savage” by John Patrick tells the story of Ethel P. Savage, a recently widowed elderly woman who has been left with 10 million dollars. All of the production’s events play out in an asylum.

Though a comedy, the show does not make a mockery of mental illnesses.

“It’s a classy comedy… The characters are funny because of the situation they’re in and how they react [rather] than just funny lines, though there are some of those, too,” said senior Jared Randall, Director.

As anxious auditions read from the scripts without prior knowledge of it, they were still able to elicit lots of laughter from the directors and from each other.

Students read for a variety of characters.

“There’s some real character development,” Director Tammie Weatherly said.

For roles both onstage and off, students both from theater backgrounds or not are able to be involved in the production.

As it is Randall’s last year, an Assistant Director has joined the ranks to prepare to step up: junior Nicole Brunsman.

“This will be fun,” Brunsman said of the show. Brunsman has experience in previous productions both as a stage manager and as an actress.

The show’s leadership team is excited for rehearsals to begin as they prepare the show.

“We’ve raised the bar,” said Weatherly. She wants others to know they “shouldn’t miss it.”

Stay tuned to the Royal Scribe for more updates as the show’s preparation continues.


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